How to draw the portrait. Drawing the Portrait made easy!

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Draw a long with Jarig
Drawing the Portrait made easy.

This course contains 6 video lessons. In this video’s I show you how to draw the portrait. You’ll learn how to begin, how to proceed and how to finish your drawing. Most of the portraits I will draw with charcoal. One video shows you how to draw with an 8B graphite pencil. You will see no time-lapse videos, just the whole video from beginning till end. You will look “over my shoulder” and see how I do things. And I will explain what I am doing. If the video goes to fast, just rewind a little bit and I will explain it again. And as you wish, you can repeat this over and over.

This course contains: approximately 4 hours of video, six videos of different portraits live drawing. With reference photos to print out yourself so you can join me while drawing!


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