online course “how to draw the portrait”

Here you will find your six video lessons.. The most of them are made with charcoal or/and charcoal pencil, one is done with graphite pencil 8B. There is no reason for it. Sometimes I use charcoal (which I really like!), and sometimes I feel like drawing with graphite. During the lessons, the videos, I tell you what I do, why I do it and how to do it. In all of the lessons, when I start a portrait, you will notice that I try to find and make the darkest parts in the portrait. I like to construct the portrait, build it from the bottom up. It makes me feel confident. So, try and do the same. And avoid details in the beginning. Have faith in yourself and don’t be afraid to make failures. You won’t, especially when you are confident. And you can make adjustments in all stages of your work. Keep constructing. And one of the important things: keep looking at the reference photo while drawing. Keep confident. Now, print out the reference photos and let’s start. Don’t rush, keep looking, comparing your drawing with the photo. And make the best of it. You can do it! When you can’t keep up with me, don’t bother. Just rewind the video a bit and I will tell you again. And if you wish again and again. Have fun! Absolutely, have fun!